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Everyone wants a white smile and look like a movie star. Your teeth are one of the first things that people notice about you and good teeth are generally a sign of youth as well as good health. There are many teeth whitening options available that you can perform on your own at home or have done for you at the dentist and of course, the results will be different and vary in price depending on the method you select. Below you’ll discover more about the options that are available to you.

Visiting a professional is often the better route, as this has several benefits to commend it. In many cases, the results will be better – often dramatically so. If you are looking to whiten your smile to the fullest, this may not be possible using over the counter kits. Also, convenience is also a factor, as one dentist visit is usually all that you need, to restore your teeth to their full brilliance. However, you may still be curious about what particular methods that they might use, and the specific features of each.

Though you can purchase whitening gel over the counter, the strength is far lower than professional versions. Your dentist has access to a higher concentration formula, which will produce much faster results! Usually, a rubber dam will be placed in your mouth to cover and protect your gums. This will prevent any damage from being done to them, while the procedure is underway. Then, the gel will simply be applied to the front of your teeth and left on for a short period.

How much time does this method take to get results? Usually, the gel needs to sit on your teeth for about 15 minutes, at which time it will be removed. If you have stubborn stains which are hard to get rid of, then the treatment may be repeated several times during the same visit. In the end, you should have a brilliant smile, making this a highly effective option for you to choose.

There is also a combination method, which uses whitening gel together with a special laser. Although this sounds a little frightening, it is pretty simple. While the gel is on your teeth, the laser is pointed at them. Why is this done? The special spectrum of light which the laser emits, allows the gel to penetrate the enamel more effectively. In this case, the whitening will produce better results which are nice if you have stubborn stains that haven’t responded to any other method! So, if you’ve been a smoker or coffee drinker for many years, you may prefer this method for whitening your teeth.

Also, it may be better for people with sensitive teeth as well, and you should speak to your dentist about its specific benefits for your situation.

Either one of the teeth whitening options mentioned above should give you terrific results. With a whiter smile, you’ll likely be more confident, and your appearance can be dramatically improved as well. A whiter smile will mean a happier life. So, why not make your appointment today, and get the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted.

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