What is a property compliance certificate?

Looking to sell your property? Then you’re probably going to need a compliance certificate for your property. Don’t know what property compliance certificate is? Don’t worry, sit back and relax while we share everything you need to know.

Once you understand the specifics, you can easily put your property on the market without worrying about any compliance issues.

Property Compliance Certificate

Compliance certificates for properties since the 70s have been an integral part of the real-estate business. There are a vast majority of jurisdictions all over the US where a piece of property cannot legally exist without having a certificate of compliance.

To add further details to the matter, a compliance certificate can accomplish two tasks, legally:

  • It legally permits property or a piece of land to be occupied or built.
  • Amending or correcting a parcel which was subdivided illegally before and now giving it a legal position to exist through the use of these certificates.

Under the National Regulation of the United States, some compliance certificates are necessary for selling the property, such as an electrical fence certificate and electrical certificate. Some are required as far as the municipal laws are concerned, such as a beetle certificate or Cape Town’s water certificate (coastal properties). Some certificates are necessary for financial matters by the bank which is standard practice.

In short, without having these certificates in your possession, you’re putting to house sale at a major risk.

Common Certificates

So, now, as you know, what makes compliance certificates so important, let’s discuss some of the most important certificates that you must possess.

Electrical Certificate

This certificate is basically issued by a registered and qualified electrician. It includes a report that serves as a confirmation that all the electrical wirings and installations show compliance with the health safety standards.

Gas Certificate

A gas certificate ensures that all the gas-related installations are in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. This certificate is acquired when the property is checked through for any kind of gas leaks and hazards. You don’t need this certificate if there is no gas-related installation on the property.

Water Certificate

Issued by a qualified and registered plumber and is a proof of all the water pipelines are in good condition and don’t pose any threat to the property or the residence.

Electric Fence

This certificate declares that the installation of electric fence compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. However, if the purchaser or the seller can decide to waive off the requirement for this certificate with mutual consideration.

Do remember, these certificates must always be issued by the right authorities, and to make sure you show complete legal compliance reach out to the best property compliance services in Australia. Just to be on the safe side.

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