How Healthy Weight Can Boost Your Fertility?

Pregnancy can vary from woman to woman. For some women, pregnancy is easy and they face no issues getting pregnant, however, for others pregnancy can be a more daunting task filled with complications and issues. This is because women’s bodies vary and your weight plays a major role in pregnancy.

If you are someone who is looking to get pregnant or are someone who has started to think about pregnancy, this article may help you in the journey. Weight plays a major role in pregnancy as having the optimal weight can help your chances of getting pregnant naturally without medications.

Below we have listed down ways healthy weight can help in boosting your fertility and even increase your chances of getting pregnant. You can look into pregnancy care guidelines at Dr. Stephen Cole for more details and information.

If a woman or man is obese or overweight, it could lead to several complications and most commonly for women it is PCOS. PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome is a medical disorder that occurs within 1 in 10 women and reduces the chances of getting pregnant and increases weight. This is why to prevent such disorders and help protect yourself from such disorders keeping your weight at the optimal level is extremely important.

If you are not close to your optimal weight or are overweight or underweight, it could have an impact on your child’s health too. Research shows that woman who is not their ideal weight have a higher chance of giving birth to a premature baby or the baby is likely to have complications. Hence, to protect your child from health complications and risks while you are pregnant, it is important that you maintain optimal weight.

We have now listed down some tips for getting a healthier body when preparing a pregnancy.

  1. Balanced diet

To get a healthier body, whether it is to increase the weight or to reduce weight, it is essential to stick to a healthy and balanced diet. Many women opt for crash diets or other means of losing weight which causes more damage than good. This is because once you stop that diet all the weight tends to come back which can be worse for your pregnancy. It can also help you have more productive and better days.

  • No discretionary food

Research shows that eating foods high in carbs, fats and cholesterol can be extremely harmful. Hence, we suggest you cut back on foods such as chips, bakery items, and more. This will help increase your chances of pregnancy.

  • Regular meals

Many people begin to break their meals into snacks throughout the day. This can be more damaging than beneficial, which is why we suggest that you take proper full meals throughout the day instead of doing this, so you can remain full for longer and don’t feel the need of eating.

  • Exercise

We believe this is one of the best ways of losing weight or even gaining weight. Get up and get moving throughout the day. Add cardio or weight lifting to your routine to increase your chances of pregnancy. This can also help relieve different types of pains that you face in your body.

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