How to Attract a Higher Selling Price for Your Newly Listed Home

When it comes to attracting a high price for the newly listed home, something little will mean a lot. If everything counts and you have the time and money to invest, you will significantly increase the selling price. Here are a few tips that will help boost the selling price of your home.

Declutter and stage the home

To attract a higher selling price for the newly listed home, you have to make your property appear great. That does not mean you should focus on expensive changes – focus on decluttering. The agent you select should provide you with the right advice and therefore selecting a professional is a good step. Decluttering a home is different from decoration or designing. Not everyone likes your religion, sports team or hobbies. Evolve Interior designers will help you with the staging processes.

Clean it up

If the home is dirty, it will take longer before the first buyer shows up. Most agents will focus on the overall cleanliness and the extra space as the primary factors in property selling. Cleaning the property can deliver around 3-5 percent return on the investment and that is something you can easily do by yourself. When taking photos of the home, raise the window blinds, lower the toilet seats and ensure that the place looks great.

Enhance the curb appeal

The first impression will play an important part in the sale of your home. The buyers will be making judgments and therefore broken mailbox, or messy yard might cost you. Again, they will consider the exterior space, which means that its enhancement will pay off. Make use of the walks from the car to the house. To improve the appearance, plant flowers or add potted flowers.

Refresh the bath and kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are among the most important rooms in the property. Studies show that you can increase the value of your property by around 7 percent by renovating the two rooms. If renovation is not part of your budget, you should choose fresh paint because it will freshen up space and boost the price. Go for the neutral palette because it will increase the appeal to most tastes. A buyer will visualize him/herself living inside the home and a bright color might turn her off. Do not invest a lot of money in paint, carpet or any other aesthetic.

Invest in quality photos

Ensure that the real estate agent has provided great photos, which show your listed home in the best light. The potential buyers will see the pictures online and then decide on whether to visit or not. In case of an open house or showing, you should absent yourself. You are likely to take things personally and end up affecting the selling price negatively.

Your emotions should never form part of your property selling process. The tips might not increase the selling price of the property but will definitely speed up the home sale. The comments buyers leave about your property are not a personal affront. Remember that all people have different tastes, but properly maintained and clean properties will never go out of style.

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