5 Most Important Tips to Keep the Work Site Theft-Free

Theft at a construction site is always a big problem to managers in charge of the project. And this issue accounts for nearly $1 billion in losses across the year. Despite the presence of monitoring activities through the webcam, theft at the construction site remains a growing problem in the construction industry.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau report for 2014 on heavy equipment theft, it was revealed that approximately 11,625 theft cases on heavy equipment were reported to the relevant law enforcement in that year alone. This translates to a 1.2 per cent increase from related cases in the previous year. Even though 23 per cent of the lost items were recovered, it was still a costly problem for the affected construction companies. So, what are the five most important tips to keep the construction site theft-free?

1. Good lighting is essential

It is natural for thieves to take advantage of the darkness to accomplish their mission. In areas that are well lit, it will take more than courage for a thief to even think of stealing in such an environment. With many lighting options on the market today, you can secure your work site by installing the latest and most powerful lighting system to keep away thieves.

2. Fencing could be the ultimate solution

Just like most theft cases, the work site theft is nothing less than a crime of opportunity. And this opportunity comes about as a result of the unsecured construction site. Therefore, you can make your worksite unattractive target for any daring thief by installing fencing with the help of a reputed construction fencing hire company. Good security fencing comes at a price but it can save you a lot of money and the agony of starting all over again by replacing stolen items from your work site. But fencing alone cannot keep your items safe unless you apply some measures. These include having one entry point and permitting only the authorized personnel to your property.

3. Monitor your work site access

It is important to have full knowledge of anyone accessing or leaving your construction site. Luckily, you can tap into new technology that will provide you with great help in monitoring every activity taking place at your work site. Better still, you can come up with the latest and detailed database to help know who comes to your site and at what time certain activities were taking place. This way, you can have absolute control over every corner of your construction site.

4. Put everything in a catalogue

You need to be fully aware of what you have at the work site. Keeping a good track of all the equipment available should be out of the question if you really want to prevent theft cases. In any case, something misses, you will be able to point out exactly what is not there before taking drastic measures to recover the stolen item.

5. Your presence matters even more

You can let your employees be aware that you are watching them by simply being there physically. Make comments and remarks on everyone’s progress at work just to make them know you are fully in charge of what is going on. In fact, you can take notes and then bring up every detail of the observation you made in your next meeting. As a result, your employees will not think of engaging in any questionable activities while at your work site.

Final Verdict

Theft cases are increasingly becoming a common trend at the construction sites. That is why you need to start by fencing the area around the site to protect valuable items from getting stolen.

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