Maximizing the Outdoor Space for Cafes and Restaurants

Even though the bar, kitchen and dining rooms are crucial parts of your restaurant or cafe design, you should never forget about your outdoor space. In fact, all your new customers will see the entry area before entering the bar or dining room. Lighting, signage, decorations, and seating are some of the factors to consider when improving the outdoor space. Here are a few tips to help you maximize the space.

Go for professional signage

Most business districts and towns have ordinances on the business signs you can post in your restaurant or café. You will have to determine the regulations and restrictions your restaurant is subject to. After that, hire a sign maker to create a sign that will match your needs. You do not have to hire a professional for every task in your restaurant, but an outside sign is not something to try if you do not have the relevant skills. Most restaurants have closed their business simply because they failed to create a good sign.

The lighting

For ambiance and the safety of your customers, you will have to light the outdoor space adequately. A few strategically placed lights in your outdoor space will provide adequate lighting and will not make your customers feel like they are in police spotlight. Fairly lights will add a whimsical touch to your outdoor lighting, particularly during summer. Wind them through the planters and window boxes.

Trash cans

Place trashcans and cigarette receptacles near the entrance to prevent people from throwing cigarette butts onto the ground. And because some individuals might not feel comfortable walking through the smoke to get into your restaurant, you have to discourage your customers from smoking inside the restaurant or cafes. Some towns also have banned smoking in public places.

The outdoor sitting

If space allows, place a few benches for your customers to wait when the weather allows. Setting up a few chairs and small tables is a better idea. Remember to select the best Payday Deals outdoor dining chairs due to the durability and attractiveness. Most of the dining chair is ideal for commercial use and come in various styles. Finding one that will match your theme or concept is easy.

Beautify the outdoor space

Use music to extend the ambiance of your restaurant to the outdoor space. Most chain restaurants are using this technique. Keep the music low to avoid disturbing your neighbors. An awning on the outdoor space will serve several purposes. It will shelter the customers from the sun and rain. Moreover, it will function as a sign for the business and add a welcoming feel to the restaurant or café. Companies that specialize in awnings will allow you to choose the color and design that matches your needs.

Several well-filled window boxes or planters will dress up your plain entrance. Due to their low cost, they are a better choice during the decoration phase. Some of your employees might enjoy gardening too. Ask them to help you in the plantation, watering and pruning parts.

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