5 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Perhaps, you always feel like you were unable to handle everything that was on your table at the end of the day.  You are not alone. Most people have been starting with plans, lists, and goals in the morning only to realize that they were unable to handle half of what they had planned for in the morning. When that is happening, being productive in the office can be hard. To succeed, you have to manage your time in a conductive way, but knowing where to start might be hard. To manage your 24 hours in a better way, try the following tips.

Do not multitask

You are likely to feel the urge of taking care of several tasks at once, particularly when they are seemingly easy and small.  That way, you are unlikely to get any good results. Earl K. Miller, a neuroscience professor says that multitasking is not possible humanly. You will be fooling yourself when you say that you can juggle phone calls, eating your lunch and presentations. For good results of the day, you will have to focus on a single task at a time. That way, you will manage to complete each task faster.

Take breaks from time to time

Most people believe that they can gain a lot by working for more hours. When working that way, they do not work well because they are burned out. The available study results show that by taking regular breaks you will boost your mood and improve your concentration levels. When working in an office, remember to take regular breaks – such as five-minute walks around your office, or spend a few minutes grabbing the mid-afternoon coffee. That way, you are likely to notice significant improvement.

Set small attainable goals

The goals you have set might be overwhelming. Furthermore, seeing many big projects on your calendar can be more stressful. To manage your projects effectively, you will have to break them up into small tasks, particularly if you want to remain in control and be more productive. Instead of writing down “finish the project”, break the project into several tasks and decide on the length of time you will take on each. That way, you will remain on track and make any large less daunting.

Take care of the big tasks when you are alert

People push aside the big goals because they are not confident they will accomplish them. By the time they get to such projects, they are usually burned out, which means that handling the projects can be hard. That is how one project ends up lasting for several months. By understanding your working style, you will be able to complete any large project within a short time. Always start with big projects or the most important ones.

Start implementing the two-minute rule

To use your time in the best way at your workplace, you will have to fill the tiny windows with real tasks. Identifying and completing any task that takes less than two minutes immediately will save you more time. Therefore, do anything that takes less than two minutes immediately. Moreover, you can start any habit or goal in less than two minutes. That should not mean you can finish a project in two minutes, but starting it is the most important thing.

The fitness of programs or personal training classes at South Yarra will help you build strength, refocus your energy and start implementing the tips. After finding a sweet spot, which works better for you, the amount of work you handle each day will surprise you.

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