How to Patent your Invention

In today’s fast track world of technology and innovation. New invention and ideas have become very common. Almost every year some new and unique thing enters the market through a genius idea of someone. But how would we be able to determine that who is the rightful father of an idea or invention? This is done through patenting your invention. If you want to know, more about patenting then this article is for you. Patenting means to register your name along with your invention in the log of all the invention and inventor, so that your invention is only bounded to you and not anyone coming up with the same invention will be able to replicate your idea. It is a race to patent, which serves on a first-to-file basis.

What can you patent?

All the patent file are handled by The US Patent and trademark. According to the term defined by the US patent trademark any new idea, process, manufacture can be patented. Whether it is completely based on a new concept or can bring improvement to an existing one. To be on the right track the inventor first needs to verify whether his invention is already patent or not. Your invention might seem to be very unique in your own perspective but that does not means not anyone else has thought of it before. So to make sure that your idea is unique to the world you need to check the patent before you can file your case. All the patent log are available on the internet to verify. After verifying, the second thing the inventor need to focus is to craft a detailed report of all the important aspect of the invention. Adding one more thing to that is a prototype. The inventor does not necessarily have to put forward the actual practical form of his invention to patent it. A prototype can be made which can explain all the key concept of the inventor’s invention and idea to have its patent. It does not have to be perfect but must carry enough information to highlight the effectiveness of the invention. The prototype can add advantage and can act as a proof of ownership of the idea.

Who can apply for a Patent?

The original inventor can only apply for the patent along with all the necessary data along with the prototype. An investor, with an only financial contribution to the invention, is not eligible to apply for the patent. If more than one is involved in the invention then they will apply for a patent as a joint inventor. If you need to Know more information about (PCT patent application), the best practice is to hire an attorney to help the inventor with the patent process and can also navigate to ensure that the invention is submitted properly with all the related formalities to avoid future conflict.

As I said, it is a race to patent so if you have an exceptional invention and idea that is unique you might as well follow this article and get it patent before someone else can file it before you and add all the fame and fortune to his name.

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