Perfect skin requires effort, especially before you settle in for the night. To ensure skin health, you need to hydrate and moisturise, cleanse and purify. Different skins have different needs and the night time skin care routine must be tailored accordingly. However, a nighttime skincare routine is a must for any and all skin types. Your skin faces a lot of dirt, weathering and damage during the day and need products like a Vitamin A serum. Taking out a couple of minutes during the evening for skin care can prevent and undo a lot of damage like scarring, aging and drying.

1.   Cleanse your skin and your soul

Before going to bed, you should cleanse your skin of dirt and impurities. You can either use an oil or water based cleanser. If you have makeup on, you should remove your makeup with an oil-based cleanser to ensure cleanliness and freshness of the skin.

2.   Reduce your damage

If you have problems with inflammation, you should use products like Ultimate A  which has Vitamin A and retinol. You should set aside a part of your nightly skincare routine to reduce damage and scars, tailoring your skin care products according to your skin needs. Either identify these needs through your own observation or consult a dermatologist. If you have puffiness around your eyes, use an eye cream like ImprovEyes. Blem X and its ilk can help treat acne spots, a useful step for any and all suffering from acne. Night creams like De-Stress can help the skin recover from the stresses. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, you can use anti-aging creams. Even if you do not have aging spots or marks, using anti-aging creams can help prevent aging. 

 3.   Moisturise

Use a toner to tone your skin especially if it is dry. Moisturizing with creams and lotions is crucial. Be sure to use a gentle moisturiser on your face if your skin is sensitive. If you have dry skin, you must moisturise religiously before bed. Make sure to use a face lotion or cream on your face and body lotion on the rest of your body. Moisturising can hydrate your skin and defy aging.

4.   Use a face mask

Face masks can be an additional skincare measure you can use. These can be firming, hydrating, or exfoliating. Make sure the face mask is not left on for too long. Face masks should be used for an average of 5-10 minutes and at the most left on for 20 minutes. You should choose between multiple masks and determine which one is best suited for your skin.  You can use sheet masks or clay masks to hydrate or exfoliate your skin.

5.   Beauty sleep

The most important part of your skincare routine is getting plenty of rest. If you are not getting enough sleep, it takes a toll on your skin making it appear haggard and worn out.

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