The feeling of a mother-to-be in itself is wonderful and during the process of bearing a child, you unravel the astounding moulding ability of your body. Nevertheless, it is also accompanied by distress and aches.  You are immensely excited about the new little member to show up, along with that you have to bear the growing backache that continues to pinch you even after the arrival of the little one.  According to Dell-Maree, a fitness expert, the best you can do for your body during pregnancy and after childbirth is to ensure to have a good posture. Here’s the expert advice on postnatal posture techniques you should be mindful of.

Picking up your child

Whenever you have to bend to pick up your child from the floor or the crib, ensure your spine remains in it lengthened position. Make sure that your spine does not get curved while doing so. Also, maintain its lengthened position while straightening up.

The correct position of holding your child is in the centre of your chest. Holding your baby towards the side of your body rotates your pelvis. The idea is to always be mindful of your posture. You can use some tools to help you do so like using a breastfeeding pillow, specially designed posture chairs, etc. Here’s a Bambach saddle seat for sale you can benefit from.

Go for a walk

Make walking a part of your daily routine. While looking ahead, walk as straight and tall as you can. If you take your baby along, prefer to take a stroller in which the child is positioned higher. This way you will not have to hunch over to check on your child. This will lengthen your hamstrings, release pressure from your back and give a workout to your gluts.

Strengthening your abs while breast feeding

While sitting on a chair, you should sit with your spine straight and touching the back of the chair. Your spine and legs should be at an angle of 90 degrees with each other. Use a support with a pillow or a rolled towel behind your back. Always be conscious that you don’t bend your back while nursing your baby.

Use breathing techniques as often as you can while sitting as well as standing. The way to do so is to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Stretch your body

Stretching is a great idea to relieve the culprit areas and to release any constrictions in your body. You can stand tall, raise your hands above your head with your palms or hands facing the ceiling. This will stretch your upper body and back, and increase blood supply throughout.

Exercise to help your body recover

If you do not have any complications and restrictions from your doctor, you can do some light exercises immediately after giving birth. Exercising will tone up your body and will give stability and strength to your muscles, back and shoulders. After stretching for 9 months, your body starts contracting after delivery and exercise plays a pivotal role in helping your body recover. You can also learn different exercises with the help of post natal exercising videos.

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