Setting up a Medical Practice Checklist

If you are considering setting up your own medical practice, you are at the right place. Starting a clinic is an exhaustive process as it requires a lot of preparation, hiring, procurement as well as strategic decisions to make. Starting a clinic isn’t just about a doctor sitting in a room attending patients.  There are a lot of factors which need to be considered before you can go about with your own medical practice.

We have prepared a checklist of all the basics things you must consider while setting up your own medical practice.

1. Location & Demographic: The first decision you need to make is what demographics you will cater, which hugely depends on your area of expertise. Based on your choice of demographic, you will then have to pick a location for your clinic. You can also choose to buy a pre-existing clinic to save you a lot of hassle. Some of the main factor you must consider while choosing the location of your clinic is its proximity. It’s better to choose a clinic where there are health care services, pharmacies and hospitals nearby.

2. Furnish & Decorate: You could hire professionals to do the interior of your clinic because they will better understand the needs and the prerequisites. You will need to establish a waiting area, a reception desk along with your main consultation room and physical exam room. Depending on how you want to grow the clinic you might want to furnish it accordingly.

3. Procure Medical & Office Equipment: Procure the necessary medical equipment for you clinic. This is a long list and while it might seem like a big expense, it is worth it. You will need to buy basic clinic equipment like stethoscope, blood pressure monitors, exam tables, diabetes monitors, as well as general medical supplies. Apart from the medical supplies, you will also need to procure computers, printers, network equipment, payment machines and set up phone lines.

4. Technology & Networks: You will also need to get a clinic management system for management of your patient data to make appointment setting and access to patient history easier. You will also need to set up a business phone number with automated messages and integrate it with your CRM. You can hire an IT medical support specialist to sort all the network and IT related issues for you.

5. Hire Your Staff: Staff is very important in order to run a successful medical practice. You will need a professional receptionist as well as an office boy. More importantly, you will need to hire professional nurses to help you with the day to day affairs.

6. Payments & Pricing: The final step is setting up pricing and billing methods. You need to set pricing which is in balance with the competitors. Set up a bank account and payment methods for your clientele and with that done, you are done with setting up the basis of your medical practice.

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