How to Switch to Organic Produce

Let’s discuss how gradually, step by step you can switch to organic produce, to make your lifestyle healthier, eco-friendly, and pollutant-free.

  • Food

Starting from the inside out makes a lot of sense. Switch to organic foods by changing your grocery list and markets you purchase from. In Australia, organic food is produced according to the standards of organic farming. Now, the standards vary worldwide, but generally it means food which is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides, and fertilizers. So, instead of shopping at local stores, there are shops which primarily only sell organic produce. They have lots of organic options when it comes to packaged foods, natural ingredients, and you may contact EZ organic shop for Eden health foods and find out what foods are most important to eat while switching to organic, eventually putting yourself on the path towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Water

Water is extremely important and makes up 78% of our body, and not enough people are aware of the high contaminants that are present in our tap water systems. So, the first major investment that you can make for your health is to get a good water filter. Adding water filtering system can help get rid of a great number of contaminants and increase your everyday productivity at work.

  • Home Cleaning Products

Just like you are cleaning your body from the inside out, it is very contradictive to spray a bunch of toxins in your home to clean it, and then expose yourself, your children, and pets, to the toxins, which are not good for the immune system. Now, this step of switching to organic cleaning products will be a gradual change, just like changing a shopping habit, and especially if you are on a budget, the way that you clean your home will actually save you so much money.

You don’t need to buy different cleaners for different needs. One organic product can serve as your floor cleaner, you bathroom cleaner, you can scrub your bathtubs with it or do laundry with it, whichever best suits your requirements.

  • Skincare Products

Our fourth step will be, changing our skin care products. Our skin absorbs anything that we put on top of it, so if you’re slathering lotion, body scrub or soap on your body, that is filled with toxins, it will get into your bloodstream, and will gradually affect your immunity. Try buying products that are more natural, or perhaps, you can get productive by making your own affordable home-made products for your daily skin care routine. For instance, honey is a natural moisturizer, and keeps the wrinkles away.

  • Clothing

Clothing is something you can also be mindful of, it is a tricky one to adapt, but don’t worry if you love stylish clothes, because you can always clean them with organic products. The clothing is still such a huge deal while buying garments, because clothes contain a great number of toxins. And almost everyone is used to looking at the food labels, and product labels but no one checks the labels while buying garments. You will be amazed to know that, using clothes made of 100% of wood-based fibers, which are also biodegradable, can boost your immunity and fertility as well.

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