How Do I Know If I Need Hip Replacement Surgery?

Are you looking for a hip replacement surgery in Melbourne? How do you know if it is time? If you’re unsure, here are lists of some of the compelling reasons to get the surgery. If you match with one or more of these points, it’s time to consider getting a hip replacement surgery:

1.   The Neverending Chronic Pain

The most annoying part of receiving a hip problem is the chronic pain. It is impossible to get anything done with the chronic pain constantly bothering you. There are different levels of pain. It is a minor irritability, you could overlook it. However, if the chronic pain is increasing to the level that it is impacting your day to day life, your sleep, and your mood, it is time to look for the surgical options.

2.   Difficulties In Performing Regular Tasks

There are many regular activities we do that we take for granted. It can be as simple as bending over to pick something. You might be tying the shoelaces, among other things. But now, you find yourself at the mercy of others, or some additional help.

If you start noticing that you can’t perform regular, day-to-day tasks without an expert’s help, it is time for you to get some surgical help. In the long run, it is more cost-effective to get a hip replacement surgery than to rely on anyone else for the regular tasks.

3.   Stiffness In The Motion And Joints

Are you feeling some sort of restriction in your movements? It could be around the hip portion. You might find it harder to bend, or limits in the range of motions. Even after stretching or doing yoga daily, you might not find any improvements. This calls for a sincere attention for the treatment. You can try other treatment options but if the restriction in motion is severe, you will need surgery.

4.   Other Treatments Won’t Work

There are many other treatment options available. For instance, you might get steroid treatments, physiotherapy, or simple improvements in supplements you take. Usually, most medical practitioners will keep surgery as a last resort.

When none of the other treatment options work, or show results, it’s time to get a hip replacement surgery. There’s nothing else that can be done at this point.

5.   Side-Effects From Other Treatments

Of course, there’s another possibility. The treatments were working well for you, except for the side effects. For instance, steroid treatments can often lead to immense weight gain to the level of obesity. Similarly, allergies to medicines or reactions to supplements can also worsen the situation.

This is the same as treatments not working or providing the optimum results. Ergo, the doctors will have to provide you with other alternatives.

6.   Impact On Your Daily Life

Another reason to consider hip replacement surgery is when things have hit the ceiling. Chronic pain and discomfort are affecting your daily life. Your mental well-being, mood and other experiences are worsening with each day. You can’t seem to enjoy yourself or find the energy to be productive. All of these point to hip replacement surgery. It means that you shouldn’t put it off anymore. The impact on your mental well-being can be quite severe. So, it’s time to opt for the surgery.

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