3 Treatment Options For A Gummy Smile

Are you a victim of excessive gingival display? If yes, then examine how much of your gums you can see while smiling? If it’s a little space, then it probably looks fine on you. However, if it is quite prominent, it won’t be wrong to say you have a gummy smile. Also, a gummy smile can be a bit unattractive in many cases.

So, if you are looking for effective treatments that can eliminate or minimize your gummy smile, you are at the right place. Read this article to the end to know about the gummy smile treatments available for you.   

What Is A Gummy Smile?

To put it in simple words, a smile that showcases a significant area of your gums is said to be a gummy smile. If the area exposed while smiling is small, it works like a charmer and may even look attractive in most cases.

However, some people consider it unattractive. So, if you have a gummy smile and you consider it unattractive then do not worry! There are various options available, from surgery to injections to treat your gummy smile. Just to be sure, here are some significant signs of a gummy smile; you have a gummy smile if:

  • More than 2mm of gum is exposed while smiling.
  • Upper lips muscles are short.
  • Unnatural growth of the upper jawbone

Treatment Options For A Gummy Smile

The correct way to find the best solution for your situation is to consult the advice of professionals. They will examine your condition and tell you exactly what’s need to be done. Moreover, in some cases, only minor treatment is needed. Still, to give a vague idea about the gummy smile treatments, here are the main ones:

1.   Surgery Or Orthodontic Treatment

Exessive growth of the upper jawbone or downward movement of the upper teeth could be one of the reasons for a gummy smile. If that’s the case, then professionals can simply use a series of orthodontic appliances to push the teeth upward.

Besides, orthodontic treatment is often used to straighten the teeth or disorient the jawline. Therefore, it could be useful in the case of a gummy smile if done properly. However, the reason for your gummy smile is other than the two reasons mentioned in this section. Then, you might need to choose the option of surgery.

2.   Botulinum Toxin Injection

If your case is such that the over contraction of your upper lip is causing the gummy smile, then Botulinum Toxin injection is your solution. You might have heard about it as a means to smoothen fine lines and wrinkles. But it’s more useful than that. Not to mention, regular small doses can minimize the contraction of your upper lip that can be proved helpful.

However, the treatment is quite short and may last for up to three to six months. So, to go through such treatments, you need immense patience as well as time. Also, you need a sit with your dentist every six months once you start this treatment.

Furthermore, you must also know that it is not a permanent solution for a gummy smile as its effect only lasts for three to six months, depending on the kind of treatment you underwent. Therefore, make sure that all the procedure is done in the hands of specialists only.

3.   Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a proper surgery that removes the excess tissue on your gum to highlight the tooth’s crown. Also, the gumline is sculpted and reshaped to be upwards or higher up.

Moreover, the procedure also includes the removal of unwanted bones and reshaping the jawbone. It might sound complicated, but you will be surprised by the results once the procedure is performed.

Furthermore, the professionals are used to such procedures, so they perform them with such ease that you won’t feel the slightest bit uncomfortable. So if you decide on seeking professional help, you can rest assured that everything will be fine. 

Bottom Line

Nowadays, information on everything is available online in a blink of an eye. In the midst of instant information, people often forget what’s healthy and suitable for them. So, do not get overwhelmed with the piece of information you find online. Instead, try to contact a professional who can guide you correctly as the internet just give you knowledge on the surface level. So, this was it on the gummy smiles treatments; hopefully, now you know what to do with your gummy smile.

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