What To Expect When You Are Expecting Twins

Getting blessed with twins sounds like a dream come true. It has always been a fascinating notion, and people admire the idea. However, there are many things you aren’t prepared for, especially if you’re a first-time parent.

A single baby pregnancy is already challenging enough. Getting two buns in an oven sounds even more challenging. Do you know all the answers to What is Multiple (or Twin) Pregnancy? If not, this could help you out a bit:

1.   An Extra Dose Of Folic Acid

Folic acid has always been the most crucial element for pregnant ladies. Even for the female spectrum, it has been a blessing. However, when you’re blessed with twins, you will have to up your dose significantly to reduce the risks. From 0.4 milligram, you will move straight to 1 milligram of folic acid supplementation.

2.   More Doctor’s Appointments

Twin pregnancies require a more diligent approach to checkups and inspections. It means that you will have to prepare for more appointments than a single pregnancy. There are many potential complications and risks associated with twin pregnancies.

Let’s not forget that twin pregnancies are more common post 30. With growing age, health complications increase. So, you will have more checkups and routine visits than a single pregnancy.

3.   Twice The Vomits & Sickness

Unfortunately, even visiting an obstetrician won’t save you from this one. A pregnant lady with twins has more hormonal imbalances and changes. Ergo, you will face more intense morning sickness and vomits. We hope if we could say that things would get better, but they won’t.

This is perhaps the worst part of having twin pregnancies. You won’t have much time to rest. 

4.   It Won’t Consume Extra Time.

Now, on the good side of things. Having a twin pregnancy doesn’t mean that you will have to wait twice or any longer. Twin pregnancies also take the same time as single pregnancies for the babies to develop. You won’t have to wait long, and in many cases, the deliveries are sometimes faster than single pregnancies.

5.   The Weight Management Factor

You will have to watch your weight gain for sure. Pregnant ladies with single babies can gain up to 20-25 pounds. You can’t double it down for the ones with twins. The limit is around 35-40 pounds. However, if everything is fine and babies are healthy, even 54 pounds of gain can be excused for the mother.

6.   Be Ready For C-Section

There haven’t been many successful natural deliveries, and there’s a good reason for it. Delivering a single baby nowadays is quite an arduous task. In many cases, it takes everything out of a mother, especially if the baby is relatively healthy. So, delivering two babies is like working twice as hard.

That’s why, to avoid various health complications, professionals often prefer to provide a C-section delivery option.

Don’t Worry About The Risks.

Blessings with the twins is still a great thing. Even with increased risks, as long as you pay the visit to the doctors, everything will be fine. Twin pregnancies are a miracle, and we should certainly treat them as such. But you can always learn more about them to be well-prepared.

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